Hello everyone, My team for this project is “Yoketech” and the company we worked for was Bomberbot.

The project we worked on was to adapt the Dutch working model to the American model to make it more practical and comfortable to operate.

The work team is composed of:

Estephania Calvo…

Libraries are a package of one or more functions that we have compiled, they help us to develop our code in an agile and recursive way, the advantages of libraries are that we do not have to rewrite code, it saves us time when compiling .

There are two types…

To understand a little better about this topic, we must start with something important, the inodes.

An inode o index file is like a database of a file so it contains many information about the file how inode number (very important), file size, owner information, permissions, file type, among others.


Carolina Hernandez Viveros

Software development student at Holberton School, lover of science, technology, cooking, music, cats and nature. Also geek

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